Friday, January 21, 2005


japanese dramas.....i'm always a big fan. i don't really have a fav. artist/s to follow all the way since I believe everyone of those who can make it big are good. In other words, there are many talented ones around. I am following these two dramas now. As you have guessed, there must be sexy or beautiful babes in the dramas to catch my attention. Unless the actor has great charisma & that damn good to be worth watching.

orange days is about life in the stage of senior life in university in the transition towards working life for kai yuuki and his two best friends. he is finding it tough to get a job offer. one day, he meets a girl who is playing violin in the campus, sae hagio. the same actress starring in good luck! in marked contrast to her beautiful tone and attractive looks, her personality is somewhat impertinent and she communicates through very vulgar sign language. those who knows her will know that she is always acting so cool and hardly smile for you. ice queen indeed!

4 years ago, she lost her hearing. as a result, sae closed off her inner self from the outside world. sae is a name that rings a bell in my ears. reminds me of fatal frame 2. shiver me timbers! kai finds himself on a date with sae, in place of his best friend although he has a girlfriend at that time. this opportunity gives him the contact with sae's private side. the story goes on when kai's girlfriend found out and got jealous. those kinda love story plot......

it's your typical glittering youth drama. just watched halfway so i have no idea how good it is. so far so good, but i kinda get tired of these kinda doramas. reminds me of beautiful life. although these kinda doramas are very touching and relates to the life of the disabled, but too much suffering and sadness of struggle focus for a whole dorama is too much for me.

gokusen is very similar with gto. both stories if i am not mistaken are also created from mangas. reproduced again to be a dorama. newly graduated kumiko yamaguchi wants to make her mark on the Japanese educational system as a teacher. all well and good until she finds out that the school she'll be teaching at has its fair share of troublemakers and rabble-rousers. the problem students in the class she is teaching at the school don't frighten her though for she has a secret of her own-she's a fourth generation crime syndicate member and next in line to head it up.

she's gone straight and wants to be a teacher though, but she's one person in whose class you don't want to be caught fooling around! she tries to be so friendly and it was really funny. in order to protect her identity which only the principal knows for the sake of the image of the school. she is also trying very much in love with a police officer and trying all she can to get his heart. but she has rivals in the school nurse and another teacher who is a superbabe. with two competitors who are always tough, she always end up with the handsome police officer's partner, who is quite irritating.

the style is very much gto, with each episode focusing on a student or teacher and trying to get them to learn a lesson. but she is so damn funny i don't mind a teacher like her! bring back the good old secondary school days. nostalgic....


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