Wednesday, April 13, 2005


This coming few days will feature the continuation from last week's first leg. We will know who will make it to the next stage. It is getting pretty near the end now. Everybody is excited of the outcome! Inter looks to be heading for another defeat against Milan. It is like everything is already predetermined before the match. Boring!

Chelsea will have a slight advantage going to Munich, but 2 away goals may be too costly. Liverpool will be without their captain but hopefully they can still go through with that small advantage. Playing in Turin is not an easy task but if they play like their how they did during the 1st leg, a victory is not impossible! They welcome back Cisse and Xavi Alonso which will be a major boost.

Newcastle, on the other hand, must win the match in Lisbon if they are thinking of winning any cups. They are experiencing defeat streaks now. Souness better do something or else none of the remaining cups are reachable. They have injury problems of their own. Well, I just wish for nice football matches this few days!


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