Sunday, April 10, 2005


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Norwich 2-0 Man Utd
Chelsea 1-1 Birmingham
Middlesbrough 0-1 Arsenal
Man City 1-0 Liverpool

The scores say it all. What happened to Liverpool? Exhaustion from Champions League? Manchester United? Focusing too much on the FA Cup? Lost the desire to play any longer in the league? Losing humbly to the last in the table, it is indeed not the character of the Red Devils of the past. They seemed to have lost their fighting spirit that they are so famous for in the past.

Mathematically, it is still possible for the Gunners to catch up on the Blues with 11 points difference and 6 matches to go, 18 points to play for. It requires them to win all the last matches and for Chelsea to lose at least 4/6 matches left. It is almost impossible to wish for that but it is still a reality for now.

Arsenal have to pray really hard for Chelsea to get alot of injuries and exhaustion from the Champions League campaign. Manchester United, Fulham, Arsenal themselves, Bolton, Charlton and Newcastle United are the remaining Chelsea opponents. The best bet for Arsenal for the 4 defeats for Chelsea will be Manchester United, Bolton, they themselves and finally on the final day, Newcastle United! Everybody in Arsenal seems to give up on the title already. I tell them it is pretty much alive with a slim hope!

Arsenal will have Everton, Chelsea of course, Tottenham, West Brom, Liverpool and Birmingham as their remaining opponents in the league. The opponents are definitely more easier to beat compare to the ones Chelsea have left. Can the Gunners do it? Do they still have the urge to fight on for that slim ray of hope left? I wish Wenger will never give up on overtaking Mourinho! Campbell's return is one good news though.

Now, let us all focus on this match!!!


Ok, it is not normal for me to put up such big fonts. This is probably the first time in my blog. :) Still, it is an overrated clash that gets everybody excited even if the match is going to be boring. There will be something to write out of it, something to crap about and with such high expectations, it will definitely be a letdown if the match is too carefully played defensively. I hope not since both love to attack.

There has been so many interviews in Madrid with every stupid player and coach for the past week, this is not normal for them! Probably it is to calm down the fans, especially those anticipating a huge defeat. Barcelona on the other hand focus on some facts of the historical clash that of course of them having a better record and the status of Ronaldinho and Puyol from their respective recoveries.

This match is so big nobody dares to predict it, even me. All I know is that we are prepared by some shocking results and outcomes. Figo is not in the starting 11, a very confusing tactic I should say! Beckham over Figo? Luxemburgo is being pressurized by Perez to play their 'marketable' man in this clash to sell more jerseys, add some 'star' appeal and probably a heavy defeat because Ronaldinho and Eto'o steal the ball from his feet with ease or steal a bad pass or an 'intentional' pass to the opponents near the penalty box and scored.


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