Thursday, May 19, 2005


Sporting Lisbon 1-3 CSKA Moscow
Big shocker! I really don't know what happens. This must be one of those big upsets of the season.

Henry, Reyes, Vieira, Keane, Glazer
Henry cannot play and Reyes will be given a chance to show his stuff. Will be interesting to see Bergkamp partnering him up front. Vieira and Keane have some issues to settle. Glazer's take over could risk a match with no Manchester United fans on the pitch! It will be interesting to see what will happen in the FA Cup final. I think the fans will be too stupid to abandon a match to support their club for the sake of their hate for Glazer. Arsenal will just be too happy for that.

Viana, Robert, Kluivert, Bellamy
Newcastle United have alot of issues with players. Sometimes I begin to suspect whether it is Souness who has problems. No doubt I know Bellamy is a very difficult player to deal with that you want to punch anytime, but it seems that Souness has problem with relationships with players.

Van Bommel=Cocu?, Saviola, Riquelme
Xavi heard about van Bommel being the same player as Cocu. Barcelona bought another player who seems likely to strengthen their already strong team. Saviola may come back but it seems that Riquelme is not wanted by Rijkaard.

Returning to Marseille? Are you sure? You don't want to earn alot of money in Chelsea with so many players who can guarantee trophies after trophies at least for another few seasons? How stupid can you get?

Ashley Cole
Tapping or not, I don't see the reason why it is a crime. I mean there is no rule not to talk to other club's players. Then, why is this case such a big problem? I still don't get it. All those rich clubs are always buying players eventhough their contracts have not ended with their current clubs. That's why I am so puzzled.

John Obi Mikel
I have heard of Alex Ferguson robbing players so many times in the past from other clubs making the clubs and players really angry. Now, it is so funny to hear his target being robbed by Chelsea. Who is this young player? I have no idea. Is he really so damn good? We are yet to see him perform. This does seem to have similarity with the Asley Cole tapping saga.

Milito failed the medical for Real Madrid, bought by Real Zaragoza instead and helped them beat Real Madrid and went on to win the Spanish Cup while Woodgate passed the medical and had not played for the whole season. One begins to wonder what kind of medical Real Madrid is conducting? Reports on Wednesday claimed Liverpool were weighing up a move for the highly-rated Argentinian who is regarded as one of the best defenders in Spain. Whether it will materialize or not, I have much respect for him. He will add more steel to Liverpool's defence. No doubt about that.

Inter Milan VS. Udinese/Roma
Probably the only chance for Inter to win something this season and perhaps for Roma too if they qualify in the final. Inter with a forward line which is incredibly good with Martins, Viera and Adriano that cannot win a single trophy is really a shame! If I am an Inter fan, I really don't know where I put my face!

Beckham, Cristino Ronaldo=Figo?
First, they bring in a crosser who plays in the middle. Then, they plan to bring in the diver who wasted so much time dribbling for the sake of dribbling and don't know how to dive well to cheat referees. It is really sad to be a Real Madrid fan, I always feel that they are getting players I don't want in the team. I want to cry silently. Perez, OPEN YOUR EYES!


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