Thursday, March 09, 2006


First of all, congratulations to Arsenal for going through.

After that, I just want to say Real Madrid must know how to substitute formless players in the field. If they don't start doing that, they will never ever going to win anything for the rest of their lives.

Salgado was impressive. Ramos was miserable. The defence is as always as thin as a string. When Henry was given chances, he was again given huge space in front. Nobody tried to assert pressure, just stood in front trying to shield him and gave Casillas more target trainning sessions. Lehman is definitely the guy who was impressive for Arsenal. He made the goalmouth looked like the size of (Tom & Jerry) Jerry's home entrance.

What is Ronaldo doing full time on the field? Well, standing at the front of goal, doing catwalks and wasting a good position for Real Madrid to score goals. Beckham? He sent crosses after crosses that are miles away from the penalty box. Only superhumans are able to receive them. His free kicks sucked, his attacking sucked, he wasted good chances to score yet again (he had one during the first leg) when he was one on one with the goalkeeper.

For me, generally tonight's a much better match than last night's Barca-Chelsea. The football is more fast and flowing. Well, both clubs hit the woodwork. Raul was surprisingly a much better player during the match and I would hope Ronaldo goes out and have Robinho or Cassano in. Well, I guess Real Madrid deserve to go out. I don't see why. The reason?

Putting a super slow Ronaldo who hardly was able to run in front was a total pain in the ass to watch! What the f*ck is he doing there? They should substitute him with Robinho even before the second half! Robinho was the best performing player for Real Madrid in the first leg and he only get to play like in the 84th minute?!!! Baptista only comes in at the 68th minute?!!! Baptista had more shot on goal that were far more dangerous and looked far more promising than a 90 minute Ronaldo.

Ronaldo even dared to complain about the fans for his disgusting performance whole season. I say pack your bags and go elsewhere, you crybaby! It is time you realize yourself you are underperforming. David Beckham for all the wasting he was doing with the crosses and freekicks should give that role to someone else. Well, therefore, they deserve to lose for wasting all their resources. Enough said. Blame yourselves.

I guess Arsenal will be the only English side left for the competition. As of now, AC Milan looks ferocious with their free scoring results after results. They will definitely be the favourites again with Barcelona to get the title this season.


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