Saturday, March 11, 2006


Yeah, I notice too. This whole list of football posts made my blog so sad. It is like the world around me only consist of football. Then, full stop. Seriously, I am ultra busy with my virtual reality projects. Battling with EON Professional and Quest3D is enough to suck up most of my time. Editing in 3DSMax is also taking alot of time too.

By the way, there are many matches this week that look sexy!

Valencia VS. Real Madrid
Manchester United VS. Newcastle United
Arsenal VS. Liverpool
Juventus VS. AC Milan

Wah! Like so many at one go! Let's go through all of them.

Valencia and Real Madrid only have the second placing in La Liga to fight for. They will surely want this berth for the automatic Champions League qualification for next season. I cannot predict any matches Real Madrid play as long as Ronaldo, Raul and Beckham are on the field formless.

Manchester United like the two clubs mentioned above need to fight for the second placing for the same reason. They should be happy that Newcastle United are in their worst form for ages and without a coach to guide them. If this is not the best time to whack them, when will it be? The only thing the Magpies can rely on now is the consistent Solano. He has been splendid lately. Love that guy!

Liverpool with an automatic starting eleven half-a-season-a-goal-Crouch (he reminds me of Duncan Ferguson, seriously!) and always overhyped Cisse are going to Highbury to play Arsenal. I wonder how much longer before Benitez realized that he is dumb enough to sell off Milan Baros and rely entirely on Crouch, Cisse and aging Fowler? This is the best time for Arsenal to remind him more! Liverpool like Real Madrid are losers from the Champions League so this is another reason to take them on. Benitez seriously cannot rely on his midfielders to score goals for every match! Get rid of Crouch from the starting eleven for goodness sake!

Juventus will take on the superb scoring led by back-from-injury-Inzaghi Milan at home too. I say crush Juventus hard and open up the Serie A competition wide! Actually I wish Juventus will play badly this year so Capello can move to Santiago Bernabeu. We need this guy with neat glasses. I love his glasses. So retro!


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