Wednesday, March 22, 2006


This is probably the forbidden fruit of my state. It is so rare that only my state has it in the whole country. I had given many friends to test it, from Sabah to West Malaysia and they had a hard time eating this fruit.

The preparation for the local olive is to place them inside warm water for around 20-25 minutes. Later, you can eat it raw to appreciate the nice natural smell. For the kids or people who are not used with it, we apply soya sauce and sugar. This will make it more edible to the general public.

My relatives came to Singapore and brought some last month. I decided to give the Singaporeans a testing as well as some foreign China nationals. I tested with Beijing, Shanghai and Fuzhou Chinese and they love it. Singaporeans find it ok too. Most of them said that the longer you taste it, the better and easier it is to eat it. Many love it raw. They said the aroma gets better as you eat the 2nd, 3rd and the following times.

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I told them how rare this olive is as it follows the December durian season, which is the original once a year season. This year is abit odd since the season had been delayed until late January to February. I guess this is the only year where we celebrated Chinese New Year with rambutans growing on the tree at my back yard, durians and all the seasonal fruits are lying around living room tables during visitations to houses. The world climate definitely has gone really wrong!


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