Wednesday, June 07, 2006


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Are you guys ready for the big one? I just got myself the official 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany guidebook (Singapore version). Here are the matches for this week. I will try to give a preview for matches I have things to say and a review for every match I manage to watch. That is if I can find the channels on the television. So much attention is given to England these past few days you thought they will win the world cup. Brazil and Argentina are not even given much publicity. It is always the case as expected everytime. England this, England that, Beckham this, Beckham that, Rooney here, Crouch there. I still believe it is a Brazilian World Cup if they play to their true colours.

To be World Cup ready, my days and nights will be adjusted according to Germany time. Everything has to go upside down. Timezone change for a month! Haha! I hope I can adjust well and won't have 'jetlag'! Technically I am adjusting my body across several timezones but not by flying high speed there. Hehe!

9 June 2006 (Friday)

Germany VS. Costa Rica
Poland VS. Ecuador

10 June 2006 (Saturday)

England VS. Paraguay
Trinidad & Tobago VS. Sweden
Argentina VS. Ivory Coast


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