Monday, June 05, 2006


It was a week ago when I hear the news from the television that the government wants investigation of the MAS and AIRASIA issue on the transfers of flights by August 1st. There were alot of great unhappiness among ministers of this decision because they argued that AirAsia will not have the ability and capacity to run so many routes domestically. They keep on persuading for investigations as they all believed there were alot of 'things' being arranged behind the scene unknown to the whole country. Another issue spoken were the rumours of the requirements for employees to speak Mandarin or will not be given the job in AirAsia. I forgot whether the issue is on airstewardess/steward or the ground crew or both. Therefore, the Malay ministers are very pissed off with this stupid requirement.

Well, I saw many old Chinese folks who flew with AirAsia before who do not understand Malay and English so I was very encouraged when the airstewardess actually spent time to explain to each of them in Mandarin. I think this also help for the China tourists coming into the country and flying domestically. I am pleased with it because I feel that there are alot of Chinese flying as well. The Malay government is not happy because in Malaysia, Malay and English is enough for such jobs. I, on the other hand, think that in any flight, one of the 3 who can speak Mandarin will be more than enough. I also remember this is the case for most of the flights I flew before. Therefore, I think it is just discrimination to bring such rumours up in parliament!

Finally, today I read in the newspaper where there is this 'threat' by MAS to cancel all the oversea bookings of Mulu National Park. Here is something I got from The Star newspaper.

The handover of 99 local routes to AirAsia by Malaysia Airlines from Aug 1 has put many travel agents here in a bind as up to 18,000 foreign tourists, who have confirmed their trip to the Mulu National Park, are threatening to cancel their bookings. The tourists want confirmed air tickets but local agents here, the gateway to Mulu, are unable to do so because MAS has instructed them to cancel their bookings as the national carrier was handing over its rural flight services to AirAsia.

You see it clearly? Instructed to cancel. Smart or stupid? Our country is always famous for not preparing for any clear futuristic problems that may arise from some decisions they make. It is always like that. This is what I call third world mentality trying to be a first world country. It is incredible that they don't even care of the foreign tourists' problems with this transfer and just ask them to cancel all the bookings. There is no regard whatsoever of the difficulties of customers. No, once it is not my business, I will not care and be responsible.

If the Mulu-bound tourists cancel their bookings, the country stands to lose more than RM34mil in foreign exchange. Each tourist to Malaysia is estimated to spend about RM1,900 per trip per person.

Now, this mentality easily show us how the airline keeps on losing money year after year when all the other airlines are earning. Every Tom, Dick and Harry like me knows that this is such a big market as well as the reputation at stake here. No, MAS is smart, just cancel off everything! They are the national career, they are the big boss, whatever they do, they will still be around! What reputation? Who gives a damn? I think all these tourists, if I am one of them, will be cursing and having a really bad impression of MAS and the country as a whole.

Keep it up, MAS! You make us proud, just like Proton! Malaysia BOLEH!


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