Thursday, June 08, 2006


I went to watch three movies in the last 3 weeks. The movies I am planning to watch are Superman Returns, Over the Hedge and Pirates of the Carribean 2. Here are my own reviews of the three movies.

Mission Impossible 3

Apart from Tom Cruise and the other two guys in his squad, all the rest are expressionless and stone-like actresses. All of them are too unnatural. Lawrence Fishburne is good though. The story starts to get very predictable when the higher authority guy managed to detect the call into Tom Cruise's phone. One will wonder why the person knows when another person will call unless they agreed of the time to call. So the plot is very much expected from then onwards and nothing is surprising. There are unnecessary scenes like the part where the phone signal cannot be found in Shanghai. The only most unexpected thing is when the wife was killed. I thought it was her! That really surprised me! The plot is good, I love the storyline.

Honestly, I did not watch the first and second but I grew up watching the serials when I was younger. I think this movie is worth your money to watch in the cinema.

X-Men 3

X-Men 3 is watched again without much background from the first two. I did buy the second but the second disc was faulty. Hehe! I watched it halfway. I don't really watch the comics or cartoon. I did however play x-men games in the PS2. Honestly, I have very bad impression on all the characters because they fall short of the resemblance of the cartoon characters. I also feel they will look much better in their own suits. The movie chose to show them in normal human clothing which does not give them the image which I think will make them cooler.

I know millions of people told me the first two were better than this one. I think this one is done well, there are plenty of fighting scenes to satisfy me as the expectations of a cartoon converted movie. However, I wish there will be more fighting scenes. The plot is quite predictable too, no surprises apart from the deaths which was not expected since they never die in the cartoon. I think this movie is again watchable.

The Da Vinci Code

Now, there are millions who say this movie fall short of what the book had. I read the book 2 years back and I think it is very well documented. I mean with such limited time available, they are able to bring the most important parts of the book into the movie. It is more of a summary but it is good enough for me. I went with some friends who have not read the book so I realized that people will be lost if they have not had the background. I guess this movie will be more meaningful if you had read the book. If not, you will not be able to follow the whole plot with much understanding.

Honestly, the lead actress who plays Sophie is very beautiful and she acted well. I love her! Audrey Tautou, a French actress whose most starred movies are French I think. Remember her as Amélie Poulain in the movie called Amelie from Montmartre? Hanks was ok, he played his role as Langdon well. He must be swearing that he was not able to give the French lady a 'french kiss', haha!

I think the storyline is very faithful to the storyline in the book and I won't think of a better way to document it than what they had done. I think it was well done and I think the critics had been too harsh. I guess if you give another director to make this movie, it may be even worse. This one is definitely worth my every single cent!


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