Sunday, July 09, 2006



This is it folks! The ultimate finale for the 2006 Germany FIFA World Cup! The whole month of celebration comes to the final match! Italy and France go to the final thanks to their captains who have been splendid to carry them this far. Cannavaro will earn his 100th cap while Zidane will play his final professional football match. This will be a classic encounter!

Zidane is able to show all his abilities with the freedom given to him by his two guards, Makelele and Vieira. Their defensive abilities release him forward to help offensively. On the other side, Pirlo has the same function as Zidane with Gattuso doing all the covering as Pirlo moves forward with Totti. Totti is the current highest assist provider in the tournament. Ribery and Malouda have been very impressive for France from the wings in the final half of the tournament.

Cannavaro and Buffon are the reasons why Italy have only conceded one goal (own goal) in the whole competition while Thuram is the reason France have equally a reliable defence. Henry needs his club form to get something out of this. I seriously think Trezeguet should be given a chance rather than Wiltord if France wants to win. Saha is suspended. Italy have Gilardino, Toni, Del Piero, Perrotta and Inzaghi to choose from but I prefer Gilardino for the speed and offensive force he showed in the past few matches.

I hope Italy play two strikers up front to make themselves more offensive. Come on! I am sick of 1 striker formations! It is too defensive! They have the strongest defence at the back to cope with any counter-attacks. Buffon himself has a record to chase. If he keeps the clean sheet for the first 63 minutes against France, he will be able to surpass the record held by Walter Zenga for 517 minutes during the Italian 90. Buffon currently has 453 minutes to his name and his central defenders Cannavaro and Materazzi can help him achieve that.

Italians fall too easily as I call that diving in the semifinal. Please don't spoil the final! France have the experience but most players are ageing. Italy have the Serie A scandal to worry about but many said it had given them more energy to get the best in this tournament to prove themselves. They want the world to know that they are great players and all these scandals are only related to the management.

Whoever wins tonight, I hope it is the deserving one! I wish for one last beautiful game. I am supporting on the Italian side but I also wish Zidane can get his final best present before he retires. Still, I wish it is an entertaining match with minimum divings. Totti, don't fall so easily for goodness sake! I hate all divers.


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