Sunday, July 09, 2006


It is the Schweinsteiger night. He could have scored all 3 but one of it was an assist since the free kick was scored by Petit as an own goal. He got a yellow for his second for taking his jersey off while celebrating! Portugal again didn't look like scoring even if they dominated possessions.

Why did they put Figo out for so damn long? He was to me the best Portugese performer for the last two matches. Well, I have no idea but look at what he had done once he entered. He assisted the goal for Nuno Gomez to score. They should have brought him in earlier.

It is nice to see Kahn playing for the last match. Lahm is again outstanding at the back but this time as a right back. Well, Germany have many outstanding players who shall be carrying the burden of this generation of Kahn and Ballack. You have Schweinsteiger, Podolski, Odonkor and Lahm who are all very bright players below 25. Capello, come on! Hehe!

C.Ronaldo again is falling down too easily in this match. You can see that the officials don't even care about giving free kicks everytime he falls down. Haha! The Japanese referee just waved play on! Deco had a good effort saved and so did a couple from C.Ronaldo. The strikeforce of Portugal was extremely weak. It showed that the midfielders have better chances throughout the match. The rhythm of the match was quite slow and steady but both played quite openly.

In the end, Germany got third place and it was too late and impossible to chase back for Portugal.

P/S: Sol Campbell has left Arsenal! Another shocking news! Now, Ashley Cole could be the only Englishman left in the English club.


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