Saturday, July 22, 2006


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Dennis Bergkamp, forever will be frozen in my memory for his touches of brilliance in the penalty box to score breathtaking memorable goals. He makes every goal he scored beautiful and special. He makes the goals scored by people like van Nistelrooy extremely boring and ugly. I hope he will have a good final testimonial match.

He is surely one of the contributers of the beautiful game of football. Watching back all those videos of the goals scored by him just reminds me how beautiful football is. He gives us back the faith in believing in beautiful football again when football gets so dirty!

Retire happy. Thanks for the beautiful football displayed all these years! I enjoyed myself and appreciate every single moment of it!

All the best! A player so entertaining like him earns my respect and tribute for all the contributions he had given to the world of football!

He will also be remembered for being afraid of flying too! Still, one of the greatest players in our generation to grace the game!



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