Monday, July 10, 2006


Italy 1-1 France (Penalty Kick:5-3)

Well, a very lousy final ended with a penalty shoot out. Zidane headbutt was a shocker. The French attacked more but the Italian defence was able to stop the shots to the final level. Buffon saved some good shots especially one from Zidane. Henry did create some chances but did not do enough to get any goals.

I went down to the tv room and it was fully seated. I was abit late, just 5 minutes before kickoff. Then, I walked abit further and tried the other tv room nearest to my block. I was lucky there was some seats there but it was like the Vietnamese students who took over the whole room. They asked me who I suport and I gladly declared Italy without noticing that Vietnam was a French colony! I was at the wrong place! I could have been beaten up for cheering Italy! Then again, I recall my country used to be the Portugese, Dutch and English colony but I have not supported any of them! It was alright since I think they were not football fans as they celebrated any goals scored. Sigh!

Honestly, I hate how the Italians didn't have the intention to attack, especially in the second half and extra time. They prefer to play defence and played some ineffective counter attacks. The first half saw more offensive runs as well as dangerous corner kicks! One hit the bar!

The Italians also have a goal disallowed for offside, just slightly. The first goal from the penalty, the replays seemed to show that Materazzi retracted his knee after it seemed like he went in to tackle Malouda.

It was sad to see how Zidane ended his career. This is surely not the way we wanted it to end for him. He was sent off so he couldn't even come back to collect the first runner-up medal. No matter what Materazzi had spoken to him to cause such anger, Zidane should control his temper. I don't want a great player to end his career like this!

The substitutions of Ribery and Henry were really beyond my understanding since both contributed so well in the attacking options. I just don't understand. It was like how Argentina did it when facing the Germans. A repeat!

The final match is all about Marerazzi and Zidane. Both of them shape the outcome of the match results. They were involved in all the important moments of the match. However, it is Grosso again who made the difference for Italy. He had played that role a few times during this tournament. He shall become quite valuable from now on.

Two goals conceded in the whole tournament, only one goal by an opponent through a penalty by Zidane, they surely have the defensive record that has to be admired. They also score goals in matches so they are not playing defensive football only.




Finally, we can adapt back to our timezone sleeping time. I had a great World Cup experience minus the commercialized Singaporean pay-for-your-matches viewing! Complaints? They should ban the 1 lone striker formation as well as the too predictable World Cup this has been.


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