Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Got this piece of news from http://worldcup.goal.com

England striker Wayne Rooney is looking to exact revenge on his Manchester United team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo following Saturday’s penalty shoot-out defeat to Portugal.

Rooney was seething that Ronaldo appeared to help get him sent-off for stamping on Ricardo Carvalho by rushing over to the referee to protest.

A furious Rooney apparently had to be restrained from barging into the Portugal dressing room after the game.

And The Sun quotes an insider as saying on Sunday: "At breakfast in the hotel this morning, Wayne said he would split him in two and smack him in the head. Who can blame him?

"He is determined to settle the score in his own way and there is nothing anyone can do about it."

Later, Steven Gerrard has more to say.

"If it was one of my team-mates, I'd be absolutely disgusted in him because there's no need for that," said Gerrard.

"I've seen Ronaldo going over giving the card and I think he's bang out of order."

The Liverpool captain added: "I think that sums him up as a person.

"If I was playing against my team-mates from Liverpool and they were involved in a situation like that, I'd never try and get them sent off."

I already tell you guys I hate Cristino Ronaldo but I hate Wayne Rooney even more. There are rumours of Cristino Ronaldo coming to Real Madrid. Just great piece of news! I am dying!

Wayne Rooney a big cry baby. To me, this guy is over-rated! Legend in the making? Which past legends you read in the records have so much temper like him? Which of them debut the World Cup without a single goal? Even if Wayne Rooney will go on to become the best footballer in the world in the future, I hate this player to the max and I really hope in this generation, it will be Messi or any other player instead who look more like a role model with good temper.

In another news, Frings will be suspended for the semifinal against Italy. This will give Italy a much boosted chance. Those who deserves to be punished should be punished, regardless of the fact that the Germans are complaining of the Italian media giving FIFA the video footages for more evidence. I don't care the Italians' intentions but I am most happy those who misbehaved are punished.

I hope Germany are beaten soon! I know a host is always given more advantage by the referee because they don't want the fans to kill him once he leaves the stadium. I wish FIFA has some security plan to protect referees from these kind of threats. The match against Argentina clearly saw the injustice against the Argentinians, one of them a clear penalty!

As for the other semifinal, I want Zinedine Zidane to cruise to the end! This guy is the legend of this generation and I want him to wave his magic at least two more times for the world to enjoy in awe before he retires. Come on Zizou!

Therefore, my predictions:
Germany VS. Italy 0-1
Portugal VS. France 0-1

Roberto Carlos had announced his retirement from international football. I am still impressed with his outstanding speed at his age. How many players in the world you see who can run and shoot as hard as he does? However, his defensive qualities do drop this couple of years and that opens up a huge hole at the back left behind by him.

Ramon Calderon is the new Real Madrid president. He is the 18th in history. Well, I won't put in so much hype of what the new president is capable of doing but I saw some of his negotiation deals which include Fabio Capello, Kaka, Fabregas and Robben. If Juventus and Milan will be relegated, this will make his job capturing Capello and Kaka easier. Fabregas is another Henry who will not play for anybody but Wenger so I think that is not possible. Robben? I see it as 50-50 but with Shevchenko and Ballack coming to Chelsea, he won't possibly want to move to a new club with unknown chances to win anything.

The fate of the four Italian clubs on trial will most likely be known on July 10 but if not, definitely before July 27 as this is UEFA's deadline to submit teams to compete in European competitions. I guess this is also to protect the emotions of the players who are still in the World Cup competition.

Moving on, Mr. Anelka is likely to move again from Fenerbahce and this time could end up in Werder Bremen, Lyon or Liverpool. Thus, he is fulfilling my prediction of at least joining 11 clubs before he retire so during his retirement match, you can have an opposite number of 11 players each representing a past club he had played with! Haha!

Finally, Greece have been suspended from all international competition from immediate effect because the Hellenic Football Federation is not in line with the princicple of statutes of FIFA, with regards to their independence and ability to make independent decisions. I wonder how serious this matter goes out of hand.


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