Saturday, August 12, 2006


I coined up the term 'Has Beens' to indicate players who had gone through their peak of football. It means players who got an automatic starting eleven place for their achievements in the past, their past glories and greatness. It is therefore not surprising to see David Backham and van Nistelrooy dropped by their respective countries. It is about time! The next person they should drop is Raul too. Another 'has been' and who can forget the fat boy who run so slowly or aimlessly or looking uninterested to chase any balls at the front? Therefore, Real Madrid can be summarized as a Has Been team. A collection of stars who don't deserve their starting eleven places and who play for their past glories.

They should plot a graph to show the amount of goals scored by Beckham from a freekick and see the drop in years in comparison with tries made. I will tell you the graph will clearly show he sucks big time in this so called his specialty expert department of football. Then you realize why all these people are given the chances for what has been over in the past? There are many Has Beens in Real Madrid, which include Ronaldo who is playing in the starting eleven for his incredible ability in the past. Another 'Has Been'.

Guys, I will fly to Miri on Monday for 12 days stay. Any sucker coming there, please meet up! I got tonnes of hot stuffs ready for you! Haha! I guarantee they will blow you away into pieces!

Anyway, I think I will post up some posts before I leave. This blog has been so quiet and dead lately. Like a ghost is Hungry Ghost month anyway. Becareful.....wooooooooooooo......

Royal London Circus is in Miri now. I plan to go carrying alot of handcarry and purposely red bottled drinks! Haha! My friends are cursing as they are going London yesterday and they found out they cannot carry their laptops on board to do their work. Instead, they will waste 16 hours watching boring movies and playing boring games. Hopefully some hot air stewardesses will cheer up their day. Haha!

By the way, if Reyes is coming to Madrid, I plan to retire from watching football. I have enough disappointments before the start of the season. I will break up with football!


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