Monday, September 11, 2006


Yes, when I first came to Singapore doing my undergraduate 5 years back, you have a choice between EPL, Serie A and La Liga on public television. You also have full Champions League coverage. Year after year, one league goes at a time. First, EPL is no longer shown, then, it was Serie A, and finally the La Liga. This is the first World Cup year I spent in Singapore and I have a nightmare when I came to reality that they are so proud of advertising 4 free matches. 4 out of 64 and you even dare to show off?!!! Finally, the hammer hit the target straight on when I found out now that the Champions League is totally GONE for the first time from public television! Yes folks, in other words, I cannot watch any football LIVE on public television! Unlike Malaysia, we take for granted for free live coverage of Formula 1 races which are not shown at all here as well.

This inability to watch life coverage of football, which includes the Champions League now means I really have absolutely nothing to review or blog about football. I think either this site dies completely or I have to stop talking about football here.

I read with great interest the Ashley Cole saga. I for one am quite neutral about this story and always wondered why the equilibrium is so skewed? It seems like the whole club is going against him and the fans all call him Cashley Cole. The matter of fact is nobody actually knew what really happened. Therefore, why everyone believes he is not loyal to his club? I read about his side of the story and I totally agree that Thierry Henry is treated like a God in Arsenal and nobody give a damn about Ashley. Of course we know why Henry is treated that way but to me, he is given extra and over the ordinary treatment eventhough he is dragging the whole club and even the fans that he will not sign until the last match. For me, it is weird that the way he treated the club with all these transfer games for the whole season is acceptable and Ashley Cole's single meeting killed him off. Right now we are still uncertain who actually called for that meeting. When nobody believes in you like what Ashley Cole is, it is natural you have you leave. Since behind everyone's eyes, there is a giant word of TRAITOR on top of your head whenever they see you. If I am Ashley Cole, I will be jealous as well because the way Henry drags his decisions. They always say nobody is bigger than the club but Henry is and to me, he took the club and fans to ransom. They were just powerless as they beg for him to stay. I wonder why he is given such a privilege as nobody is bigger than the club.

Finally, before I left, shit, Real Madrid only scored 4 goals last night, I mean a goal last night courtesy of Cassano to earn a draw with Levante.


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