Sunday, October 22, 2006


Why buy the DSLR?

First reason - minimal-no noise.
Second reason - multiple focus points.
Last reason - speed.

-22.2 X 14.8mm CMOS sensor VS. 23.6 X 15.8mm CCD sensor
-9 focus points VS. 11 focus points
-3888X2592 resolution VS. 3872X2592 resolution
-ISO 100-1600 VS. ISO 100-3200
-Auto ISO (100-400) VS. Auto ISO (200-1600)
-Shutter both at 30-1/4000
-Dimensions of 127 X 94 X 65mm VS. 132 X 103 X 77mm
-Weight of 512g (no battery) VS. 585g (no battery)
-Weight of 556g (with battery) VS. 668g (with battery)

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When it comes to photography, you know these two have the long history behind them to make them still among the best in the market. Of course there are other incredible expensive brands like Mamiya, Sigma and Leica which are so expensive, I might as well use the money to buy other more meaningful things unless you are a professional photographer for Playboy or something. Haha!

As I look through the reviews, it seems like the Canon EOS400D can handle the noise better than the Nikon D80 although this Nikon model has more focus points. You football fans should know all those cameras used in sports are mostly Canons! Honestly, Nikon has always been no.1 in the past before the digital eras came. Canon has always been no.2 and switch back for a while at no.1 but Nikon is like the undisputed champion of cameras.

However, Canon has gained tremendous momentum in the digital era, possibly because of their investments in many other electronic products. They are said to be far superior now in the digital era. When I go to the shops around town, they said Nikon hardly produce any digicams nowadays and those they created are hardly able to be sold. Well, just interested to peek into this league of DSLR cameras now that they are getting more and more affordable.

I will surely buy the Canon because they produce the fastest and among the biggest megapixel digicams in the market. Their ambition is enough to convince me. Most importantly, I hate the noise of digicams and if they can produce anything with lower noise, it will be my top priority. Yes, noise by itself can be a deciding factor regardless of that extra 2 more focus points that the Nikon has. I maybe stupid enough to buy one to train my body to carry bulky and heavy materials just to take that freaking shot. Canon EOS400D (includes 18-55mm lens) is priced at S$1,599, Nikon D80 (body only) is priced at S$1,690 and Nikon D80 (includes with unspeficied lens) at S$2,109 at as of today (22 October 2006). DSLR aside, the Canon Powershot G7 looks attractive at S$929.

Canon Powershot G7 has:
-10 Megapixels
-6X Optical Zoom
-9 points focus with face detection
-ISO 1600

The only downsides for DSLR are:
-too bulky, heavy and too many components
-high maintenance
-no video
-too obvious when you are going to bring it out to take photos
-generally more expensive (therefore attract robbers and thiefs -duh!)

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The fastest camera I know of right now is the Canon EOS1D Mark II N at 8.5fps with the speed maintained for up to 48 JPEG images and 22 RAW images.

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The highest resolution camera for Canon is the Canon EOS1Ds Mark II at 16.7 megapixels with the biggest image size at 4992X3328.

The amount of Auto Focus points is at 45 for both.

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The highest resolution camera for Nikon is the Nikon D2Xs at 12.4 megapixels with the biggest image size at 4,288X2,848. This is also uses the CMOS image sensor but the ISO setting at only 800 is ridiculous!

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The highest resolution camera I know of is Mamiya ZD at 21.8 megapixels! The ISO setting at only 400 is even more ridiculous!


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