Tuesday, October 31, 2006


We went to watch last night at VivoCity, the shopping centre claimed to be the biggest in Singapore. Let me give comments to the movie first, then later VivoCity.

1. Badly choregraphed moves (the bamboo jungle scene is good though)
2. Visual effects can be easily seen as extremely fake at times (overwhelming computer work)
3. Only two chicks who can really fight well - Jaime Pressly and Sarah Carter.
4. Should bring in these people for real fightings - Jet Li, Donnie Yen, Tony Jaa, Jacky Chan, The Rock even for a wrestler (but I guess this movie is about hot chicks who can fight so it will be a shame to these men to have their asses kicked in the movie)
5. The drawbacks are made up by superb cameramen who gave really good angles and sometimes too damn hot angles for guys (drool!) as well as even the vibrations effects of shaking when a throw or a hit is too strong...the fast changing of angles is also a tactic to make up for the lousy fight abilities. Good fighters don't need that extreme changes of angles and you notice the scene will be shown from far and not missing any moves in between. That's how you can tell whether the person can really fight or not.

DOA is for fun watching and should not be taken seriously. It is also meant for girls watching too. IMDb gave it a 5/10 rating so you cannot ask too much from the movie.

VivoCity is designed by the famous Toyo Ito, a Japanese architect whose design I think are not fully implemented into the final design. You can say it could be costs factor, difficulty of construction and loading calculation and so on. It is supposed to be curvy all over the place which means including the interior floor elevations but now, the only curvy things you can see are the skin, some ceiling cuttings, around escalators and shops floor area shape. Workmanship is very rough, you can feel it as a very rushed job and the facade's concrete detail seen from inside are at some places broken probably because of the improper curing process because of the curvy shapes. The internal layout is so bad that if you want to go to a toilet, you need to walk miles to reach it at the back. It is an experience of walking through tunnel systems. Same thing when we finished watching the movie, the exit door to the exterior is as far as a 1KM walk. I have not fully explored the whole place but these are my impressions so far. Some people called it a decorated warehouse. Hmmm...


I saw them selling huge pumpkins in VivoCity, around S$20++ per pumpkin! Heavy stuff!


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