Friday, October 13, 2006


Home to FC Sevilla (15 Oct) - La Liga
Away to Chelsea (18 Oct) - Champs League
Away to Real Madrid (22 Oct) - La Liga
Away to Badalona (25 Oct) - Copa del Rey

Home to Recreativo Huelva (29 Oct) - La Liga
Home to Chelsea (31 Oct) -Champs League

Imagine playing 6 matches in 2 weeks! Crazy shit man! Even in Championship Manager I will have almost everyone in TIRED and EXHAUSTED status if I have such a schedule!

If this is Mourinho, he would have complained that the FA deliberately want to make it difficult for them because they are the champions. Barcelona just admit they will have a tough schedule ahead and don't utter a single word of complaint. That explains the difference in professionalism.

I admit Real Madrid is not a tough opponent as they still need time to gel. Chelsea have a bad form of late of not winning easily or convincingly. Sevilla should be the most tricky opponent of them all. As for Barcelona, all eyes will be on Ronaldinho to reproduce his form of last season. Chelsea will have the same thing focusing on Frank Lampard. It is the best time to have a resurgence for both. What is the best time to regain their form if not for such a big matchup! Expect some interesting comments from Mourinho before and after the match! He is The Chosen One! Haha!

I think apart from these 3 opponents which will likely give them some problems, the other two should be easy stroll in the park for Barcelona. Although missing Eto'o, they have Messi, Gudjohnsen and Saviola who will be too pleased to take this opportunity to convince Rijkaard that they deserve an automatic place in the starting eleven.


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