Monday, October 23, 2006


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Well, when I see Robinho in the starting line-up, I just have to be happy. Revenge is not really served as Real were beaten 3-0 last season. However, this victory means nothing if they don't improve and move on! Still, with two shots hitting the crossbar from Raul and van Nistelrooy each, Real could have scored far more. The defensive record is also good.

Now, Capello, be a good coach and let Robinho play in as many matches as possible. I don't care if Beckham is benched or sold. Raul seems to be coming back slowly to his old self but I am still not fully convinced until he doesn't miss so many chances given to him. I hope Real will put in more consistency and gel well as they play on! The road is still long ahead so keep the composure!


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