Saturday, October 28, 2006


This week's biggest encounter.

Milan VS. Inter

Teg, don't tell me I missed out another big encounter which is:

Arsenal VS. Everton

Now, I just read about the announcement of the decision by the Arbitration Council of the Italian Olympic Committee which gave all three Juventus, Lazio and Fiorentina to have less points deductions but Milan have no chances in their punishment outcome. Now, Milan said they are angered by the decision and Fiorentina felt that their outcome are not satisfying with just four points gained and wanted to pursue their legal battle through the TAR civil courts. What decisions Milan will do is still unknown.

Now, all this long saga is sickening me. I begin to see this whole thing as pointless. They just keep on appealing and get less heavier punishments, not satisfied because other teams get better appeal results, appeal at another court of another body, get unfair point deductions, not satisfied, appeal at another court, so on as the pointless long cycle continues.

In the end, you will be asking what is the point of the punishment if you can appeal everytime to get less heavier punishment? All they need to do is to appeal more and more and the point deductions will decrease little by little.

If punishments are not given to people to get them to realize their mistakes and to learn from their mistakes, but just to give you more appeal chances to reduce your punishments, what is the point? I don't see a point. The clubs who can appeal the longest and most will have better chances to get the least point deductions. The cycle will never end until all the possible appeal channels are used up. I don't know how many more are out there.

Angry, not satisfied, appeal, not enough, appeal, angry, not satisfied, appeal, angry, not satisfied! They might as well give them all 0 points deductions in the end and nobody is relegated. In fact, all those time wasted in the court and investigations end up with nothing. You get angry because the punishment given to the crime you did is not as light as you wish to be? You commit a crime and you decide whether your punishment is good enough for you? What a funny joke!

You have 4 clubs involved in cheating and now it looks like they deserved better and better. This decision does not serve any purpose. Punishments are there to set an example for other clubs not to be funny and cheat in the future. I see nothing like that now. In fact, the message to everyone is:

If you want to cheat, you can, but you need more time to appeal to get your punishments reduced. All you need to do is to appeal and appeal.

It is pointless!


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