Monday, October 16, 2006


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This is the first ever lecture I ever pay in my life! This guy creates such 'junk' design that I never really admire his architecture. I think if you let a young kid twist some materials, you can achieve just the same. Still, since he is so world renown for creating 'junk', I would like to go and hear what 'artistic' explanations he has for all the 'rubbish' he creates. Hope it is not an egoistic lecture for the whole night.


Found a card holder on the way back from the lecture along a walkway to my block in the hostel area. There is a Mastercard, Visa, an EZLink bus and mrt card, California Fitness card, 65cents, phone cards and so on. I was telling my bro it is time for a buying spree, buy all the flights you can get from the Net around the world. Haha! Well, in the end, it is best to return things to their rightful owners. Picking up items and cash when I am walking around is very common. I guess people love to drop things in front of me to pick up. The last time I remember I picked up anything in a year was a Nokia 8000 series phone (expensive and new - so tempting!) and an identification card.

Try to contact bank and they said they don't have her records and asked me to call Mastercard and Visa. Called Mastercard and they asked me to call the police. I don't want to go to the police station as I need to take a bus there and walk some more. Forget it! I try to call California Fitness so they can contact her to contact back. No calls so finally I gave up and surrender everything to the hostel management. Man, even you want to do good and return something, it is that troublesome! I even wasted money and time to call around.

By the way, the talk was ok. He basically described things more like reading a book about him. I mean he didn't describe anything that you can easily find as all descriptions will say in books. He is a big joker! Really all the way the lecture is filled with lotsa funny comments, remarks and statements. Of all the buildings he showed, I particularly love this residential condominium project in New York where the whole building is filled with wrinkles. Interesting stuff! I don't know how it is done but CATIA is the reason he can twist his buildings all around the place. He emphasizes that he creates his functions first and then he begins to sculpt the whole building. He said CATIA enables him to calculate areas and volumes so he can build within the budget.

Finally, I really hate the haze! Apart from the smell that is really bad, I feel that it traps heat. I just feel alot warmer outside. This has been going around for years now. It just shows how difficult it is for you to wait the inefficiencies of others. If you want to solve it, you better do it yourself. By the time they take action, I think there is not a single jungle area left. Greed, ignorance and self centeredness - these are the most irritating qualities I find in men. The stupid excuse that 'we have so much jungle supplying FREE fresh air (oxygen) and when there is haze, you blame us?' just show you how childish they are.


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