Thursday, November 23, 2006


Well, we all know about the website which is so controversial. I want to confess I am no true blue Bond fan and I slept during the Pierce Brosnan with Halle Berry movie, Die Another Day. Still, I am a true believer of having the appearance of the original. It does not mean I don't like changes. It is just that I always feel strongly that if you are going to portray a character in the movie as how it started to get famous in books, novels, comics and magazines, you should follow closely to the essence of things.

My point is these characters are so famous for how they look that if you are going to make a movie about them, you better find a character that look really close to how they look in prints, or else, forget about it. Don't give me the excuse about him/her being the best there is out there to take the role. I don't care about the acting skills. For me, it destroys the very fact when you want to represent some character and you get someone who totally looks different but you thought the skills of acting will get even.

Imagine watching Superman and he is blonde. Imagine watching Donald Duck and he wears red instead of blue uniform of his. I think the Wolverine and Storm look absolutely so different from what I expect from the comic version. I thought Spiderman finally come of age and looks great. Superman's latest character is a great find too! However, the new Lois Lane is so below par from my expectations, she is also too short.

Katie Holmes is totally ruining Batman for me. Just look at all the gorgeous ladies that had acted in the Batman movies. Kim Basinger, Michelle Pfeiffer (my favourite!), Alicia Silverstone, Uma Thurman and Nicole Kidman. Katie Holmes to me is the ugliest of them all! You get the picture. We have expectations of how these characters look because of how they are portrayed in the original prints. Oh, before I forgot, I am sad Batman threw away the great Batman music theme. Just like James Bond, Batman has the music theme, the soundtrack that once played, you know it is Batman or James Bond.

James Bond is a total break from all the Bond looks. I don't care how good this movie is, my argument is on his looks. The new Bond girl also lacks that sexual appeal we expect from Bond girls. She looks pretty damn common to me. She don't give me the radar alert frequency shock no matter how long I look at her. You know when you see a bombshell, you are speechless, your radar go nuts, you just keep on drooling. None of that from me.

OK, that's just how I am when expecting people making movies representing prints, especially when the looks mattered. I don't mean the beauty, that is still depending on people's judgement and opinions. I mean closeness to original looks.


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