Monday, November 13, 2006


Teg, I told you right? If Peter Crouch is in the starting 11, expect a win from Arsenal. Plus Liverpool is not going through a good form now. There you have it, my prediction comes through!

It is never natural to have a basketball built player to be a striker. It is just so awkward to me. Of course there are other factors contributing to Liverpool's defeat. Playing Gerrard as a Beckham as well as the injury to Sissoko were probably the other reasons for this defeat.

On the other note, Newcastle United are in deep shit. Something has to be done fast or they will be relegated! Every season we hear of huge list of players getting injured. I mean player injury is common for any club but why is it that they always have huge burden of injury in their squad? Some things need to be rectified to overcome this problem. Season after season I hear of so many players getting injured. Is it the facilities, is it the training programs? I don't know but it is an excuse I am already sick of.


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