Sunday, November 26, 2006


Manchester United VS. Chelsea
Valencia VS. Real Madrid

Chelsea and Valencia have more injury problems. Chelsea though with Drogba and Ballack I thought were fake injuries. Haha! Well, we shall see, if they are in the starting 11, all the speculations will be answered. Manchester United is in a better form right now so by playing at home, advantage will go to them. Wayne Rooney starts scoring again and seems to be in good form, diving or not diving. Drogba also in good form so if he is not playing, Chelsea will be at a more disadvantage.

Real Madrid cannot afford to lose the match as they need to chase Barcelona and Sevilla. They are still not very consistent yet. I hope it comes soon! Real have some injuries in their squad but we have to admit nobody have a longer list than Valencia. It will still be difficult to play them at home. I will give Real Madrid the advantage because of the long list of Valencia injury list. If not, the match definitely favours Valencia. Morientes will be very eager to score against Real Madrid.


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