Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I am never a big fan of Wayne Rooney. He is to me a spoilt kid who looks like the No.1 bully you guys meet in school. If I am the club or country manager, I will ban him for a few matches and fine him for his conduct. However, Manchester United and England see him as the next Pele. How are they willing to do that? Of couse they will defend him because he is still young and this is 'expected'. Sigh! How can you be hauled for questioning in connection with an assault and suddenly people don't press charges against you? I guess you will know what I am thinking.

Article below taken from Goal.com

13/11/2006 23.26

Rooney Sought By Police For Questioning
For the second time in eight months Wayne Rooney is set to meet with the police.

Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney is wanted for questioning in a October 15 incident that took place outside the Manchester City nightclub Panacea. The Shrek lookalike allegedly had a bust-up with a celebrity photographer while attending a party for boxer Joe Calzaghe, this according to The People.

A police statement read, "An appointment will be made for a 21-year-old man to attend a Greater Manchester Police station to be questioned in connection with an incident on Sunday October 15."

No charges have been filed against the England international, nor has the paparazzo reported any injuries.

Back in March Rooney made headlines when he was hauled in for questioning in connection with an assault on a student, who ultimately decided not to press charges.

Rooney is expected to play for England in a friendly against the Netherlands on Thursday in Amsterdam.


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