Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I got the abstract from Arsene Wenger is French, unhappy that Henry have not won and went on to mention that the World Cup is the lowest level of football. He is saying playing in the Premier League, FA Cup and League Cup as well as the Champions League are far more prestigious than playing in the World Cup. Tell that to Ryan Giggs, he will be very happy.

Let's check who played against Cannavaro in the World Cup. Henry, Zidane, Vieira, Trezeguet, Klose, Podolski, Ballack, Shevchenko, Kewell, Viduka, Baros, Nedved, Rosicky, McBride, Essien.....I think Arsene Wenger does not acknowledge any of them as good players. Although I very much respect this guy, sometimes his comments are so bias I even prefer Mourinho's speeches. Marina Hyde commented something interesting about Wenger too.

Wenger: A Mistake Not To Recognise Henry

Wenger felt his striker deserved more recognition. Asked what he thought about the outcome of the voting, he responded:

"It is a mistake. It shows that the people who vote look only at the World Cup, which when you speak about elite football, in my opinion, is the lowest level in football that you can see at the moment.

"They make their decision on that."

Wenger continued: "If you see Italy playing against Togo or South Korea you cannot say that Cannavaro has a good game or even Thierry Henry has a good game, that he is the best player in the world - look at the players he plays against.

"To be consistent in a big championship like in England or in the Champions League for me would be much more appropriate than three weeks in the World Cup."


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