Monday, November 13, 2006


To go or not to go?

Taken From the WhiteHouse

Press Briefing by National Security Advisor Steve Hadley White House Conference Center Briefing Room

On Tuesday, November 15, the President and Mrs. Bush will depart Andrews Air Force Base on route to Moscow, Russia. The stop in Russia is a very brief refueling stop. The President and Mrs. Bush will be greeted by President Putin and Mrs. Putina, who have been gracious enough to want to come and greet them at the airport. Following the brief stop in Russia, the President and Mrs. Bush will continue on to Singapore.

On Thursday, November 16, the President will visit the Asian Civilizations Museum. This museum is the first in the region to present a broad perspective on Pan-Asian cultures and civilizations, highlighting the multiethnic society that makes up Singapore.

Following the museum event, the President will attend a U.S. Embassy event to thank the American and foreign staff working in the Embassy on behalf of the United States and Singapore.

That afternoon, the President will see the acting president of Singapore and then meet with the Prime Minister of Singapore.

Q What day is this?

MR. HADLEY: This is Thursday, the 16th. Following that meeting, the President will deliver remarks at the National University of Singapore. In his remarks, the President will highlight the importance of Asia in the world and will discuss the ways in which the United States and Asian nations are partnering together to face the challenges of poverty, disease, terrorism, and energy security.

This is a story both of the United States working with Asia in addressing these issues regionally in Asia, but increasingly, it is a story of the United States and Asian partners working together to address these issues on a global basis. He will lay out his vision for building a hopeful, peaceful set of societies in Asia that can meet these various challenges.

Later that evening, again still Thursday, November 16, the President and Mrs. Bush will participate in a social dinner hosted by the Prime Minister of Singapore.

On Friday, November 17, the President will tape his radio address and then depart Singapore en route Hanoi, Vietnam. The President will meet and have lunch with Prime Minister Howard of Australia. That afternoon, the President and Mrs. Bush will be honored with a state visit to Vietnam, including an arrival ceremony and meetings with the President of Vietnam and the Prime Minister of Vietnam. This will be the first meeting between the President and the new President and Prime Ministers of that country.


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