Wednesday, November 01, 2006


WARNING! A little bit of spoilers! WARNING!

Well, I only know this movie is about magicians but little did I know it will include the story of Nikola Tesla and Thomas Alva Edison. Well, how can magic be related to science?

First of all, I went to watch this movie after choosing between The Guardian and The Departed. I realized that The Departed is a remake of Infernal Affairs so who the heck want to watch a second time? I don't like Leonardo DiCaprio and almost died watching the ultimate boring The Aviator! Well, The Guardian scores such low points in most famous review sites that I decided we go watch The Prestige.

This movie is like the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The moral of the story is about not trusting anybody because of backstabbing. A lot of betrayals and double crossing will be seen in the movie because of the rivalry between two men, or should I say three. Well, you get to see many behind the scene items and tricks used by magicians to show their skills. The failed atempts and the obsession to be the best and to be famous.

How does Tesla come into the picture? Tesla, by the way, is one of the famous figures in my Physics book. He was an inventor, physicist, mechanical and electrical engineer contributing to the field of electricity and magnetism. Perhaps his biggest contribution to mankind is the AC (alternating current) electric power. Well, they were showing him conducting his experiments in Colorado Springs which suppose to be conducting wireless telegraphy experiments to transmit signals from Pikes Peak to Paris. In the movie however, the machine created clones and it is used later by the magician in his magic shows.

The movie is about 2 hours long. I will say that it is those kind of movies where they love to shoot the story from the back to the front with the clues all in between and you will only get the whole picture after all these little jigsaw puzzle pieces come together and merge in the end. I honestly find the movie above average as I guess it drags for too long. It tries very hard to be a complicated movie but actually it just have a very simple storyline.

Finally, I have a presentation on the 8th November, 2006. Therefore, I think I will not have any updates until then. Wish me luck people!


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