Monday, March 05, 2007


Kuih Kapit or love letter is a traditional snack which is famously eaten during Chinese New Year. Most people nowadays will just buy it commercially from the market. Those sold in the market has few flavours apart from the original. They evolved through the years with many varieties which include seaweed, black sesame and pandan versions.

Since the goodness of achieving the best love letter requires the use of hot charcoal heating yourself up and guaranteed long time spent to make them, not many of the new generations are doing it anymore. Once it is ready, you must fold it fast before it gets hard, eventhough it is still extremely hot from the charcoal burning. The money earned per tin sold is also not much. Therefore, it is just not worth your time.

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We went to Bukit Mertajam, Penang for house visiting and we came across some of the thinnest you could ever see. The one shown here is the thinnest of the thinnest.

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This particular version is so thin that when you put it into your mouth, it will just 'disperse' into pieces and melt in your mouth. It is still crunchy enough to break into pieces before it melts, releasing nice aroma of smell for your enjoyment.

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I show some shots of how it looks like in full without folding. There are different ways of folding. Most of those sold in the market are rolled like a long cigarette. Well, it doesn't matter how it is folded, as long as the taste is good.

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The Star KUALI section has the recipe of how to make kuih kapit or love letter. If you are interested to try yourself, you can follow the instructions. I have no idea whether this is a good one.

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This macro shot shows how I termed it 'It is raining bullets over here!' from the Mechcommander gaming days. The surface seems like it had been shot seriously from invasions of millions of bullets. This kuih kapit or love letter is the thinnest I ever seen.


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