Thursday, March 22, 2007


Romario, I remember fondly the 1994 World Cup in USA when I heard his name. Many will remember Roberto Baggio too for that penalty miss. I like Romario and I will always call him the master in the penalty box. He is not the type which depends on speed ultimately to score goals. No, he can be as slow and steady and still be able to maneuver around inside the penalty box with all the time on earth to still score a brilliant goal.

That's what I like about him. His skills of dribbling and intelligence to control the ball until it is scored in the penalty box is so incredible. People like him don't fall easily like Cristino Ronaldo or Wayne Rooney to get a penalty. This is someone who can claim that he is too good but never did. Many claimed that Pele played in an era where there are no other great players and therefore he could score so many goals with ease. He never played in many of the top leagues in the world. There were not many well known players during his time. Well, we can all debate about that.

He can score his 1000th goal this weekend when Vasco meet Flamengo. Well, he once did say that he wants Pele to be there when he scores his 1000th. Of course, the 998 goals are not fully competitive football goals. Still, just to be able to score so many goals in your life is already an achievement to be reckoned with. I will celebreate when he gets his 1000th goal. He deserves it.


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