Saturday, March 10, 2007


There is nothing left but the league to play for so Real Madrid have the last chance to get anything out of this season. Barcelona are still in the Spanish Cup. Normally, the clash of these two will be in the headlines for few days before the real match. This time around it seems like it is pretty quiet after both ended their Champions League campaign journey. Real Madrid are in the worse condition than Barcelona so if they lose this match, the league is as good as over for them.

Roberto Carlos volunteered to resign at the end of this season probably under too much pressure from the fans and press for his mistake in that earliest goal scored in Champions League competition. Real Madrid are having one problem after another this season. It is just getting complicated by the day. One wonders what else could happen next.

Whoever wins tonight will have a better chance to get over the defeat of their Champions League matches and move on - in the hope of capturing the La Liga crown.


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