Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Liverpool did it again against a giant, this time against Barcelona as they kick them out of the competition! Valencia go through with a 0-0 draw at home which means the end of the road for Inter Milan. Chelsea came from behind for a win, courtesy of goals from Robben and Ballack. Roma went through after beating Lyon convincingly at 0-2.

Looking at tomorrow's fearure, Celtic, Real Madrid, Arsenal and Lille will all be in a dangerous position to be kicked out. Milan are in good form now so Celtic will not have it easy at San Siro. Real Madrid have been playing so desperately to even win matches. Scoring goals seem like a big task to them nowadays. I am sure they will have a hell of a time in Munich's Allianz-Arena. Manchester United should have the edge to beat Lille with their fine form like AC Milan. Finally, Arsenal returned from Holland with a goal disadvantage against them. The advantage is on PSV Eindhoven. Captain Henry's presence is placed at uncertain. If he does play, that will add a lot of experience and quality up front.


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