Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Watched both movies recently.

Bridge to Terabithia

Fantasy movie. The trailer cheated me, it was not as great as it seems. Poor ending of story and the build-up of the story was rather slow and too repetitive of everyday same adventures.

The boy and his new neighbour went for an adventure across a small river some distance away from their homes. The rope tied on a tree branch enables them to swing across and with their imaginations, created the whole fantasy story with the surrounding. The female lead died so suddenly and the story seems to go nowhere. I was quite disappointed with how the story got stuck with the same everyday stuff without much progress. The death of the lead was a shocker because I thought the friendship could have developed far more. Oh well.....


Battle art movie worshipping the beauty of spilling blood. Makes Kill Bill and SinCity into child plays. It gives a brand new meaning to Bullet Time that The Matrix invented. It is far more beautiful than V for Vendetta. The trailer convinced me to go and watch it. It did not disappoint. Love it!

300 depicts the story of the Spartan king, Leonidas who brought the 300 selected best men for war against the Persians. Their loyalty and honour to fight for their king and country is something being greatly portrayed in the movie. How much they love to battle and how much they wish a greater opponent will come by to challenge their skills has shown us how much Sparta is a Greek military state. Betrayals caused their downfall but it was their spirit of defending their people that spurred the Greeks to fight back the Persians.

I recommend this movie to you all! Get an uncensored version too after watching the censored version in the cinema.


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