Monday, April 30, 2007


Liverpool VS. Chelsea

AC Milan VS. Man. Utd.

Both Chelsea and Manchester United hold the edge of 1 goal from the first leg. I still want Liverpool and AC Milan to go through. Do win the 2nd leg and give us 2 great matches to watch! I will try not to miss them. I watched the first leg between Man. Utd. VS. AC Milan and I thought it was not a bad match. Kaka and C.Ronaldo were the stars for both the clubs. They will again shoulder the burden to bring their respective clubs into the final. As for Liverpool, they need the firepower upfront to score goals against Chelsea. We saw their spirit in the year when they lifted the Champions League against Milan. I wish that spirit is present so they can go through when Carragher was as perfect as Cannavaro during the World Cup final and anything Gerrard did is possible to get the goals, even to the last minute.


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