Thursday, April 12, 2007


People straight away talk about a possible rematch of a Liverpool and Milan final! Well, could it be possible now that Liverpool is playing Chelsea and Milan is playing Manchester United? On paper, many are saying that it will be Chelsea against Manchester United in the final because they are slightly the favourites. What say you? Haha!

I just wish for great matches to follow from now onwards. I do wish for a Liverpool Vs. Milan final. A double English final will make me think that I am watching the EPL instead!

I went to watch Mr. Bean's Holiday eventhough I will be expecting nothing new. It was so boring I almost died of boredom. He never ever come up with new tricks ever again after his serials. I guess the only good part to laugh is that highway where his bicycle was crushed by a tank and how he waited for ages for an old dude on a motorized bicycle. There is nothing else to shout about.


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