Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Joe Cole could be finally back? What a relief it must have been for Mourinho. Although Robben is out for quite some time. Speaking of Cole, when will Owen heal? Speaking of Mourinho, will he be kicked out of Chelsea?

There is this guy by the name of Bruno Giordano who is coaching Messina. Is he wearing Giordano brands? I know, very lame joke. I thought is hard to spell Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. There is another name from Aston Villa called Gabriel Agbonlahor who has a weird name too. Well, tell me what other weirder and harder to pronounce names you come across.

Champions League football resumes!

AC Milan VS. Bayern Munich

Milan is in a good form. Will have an edge.

PSV Eindhoven VS. Liverpool

Liverpool just play better in Europe. Benitez again will be the key strategist to kill off Eindhoven. However, Eindhoven under Koeman are the dark horses of the Champions League this season. 50-50

Chelsea VS. Valencia

Chelsea are under tremendous stress, specifically Mourinho with the speculations of him leaving. He just have to win. Morientes will be the dangerman for Valencia. 50-50

Roma VS. Manchester United

Manchester United and the diver Ronaldo will only lose if the referee is smart enough to detect it. If not, expect Manchester United to win again from a penalty or something from a dive.

Somehow, the draws made the quarters extremely lonely for some reasons. I will try to watch a match, perhaps the AC Milan VS. Bayern Munich clash. You guys have fun enjoying the matches!


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