Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I will be going to CAADRIA 2007 (Computer Aided Architectural Design in Asia) in Southeast University in China during the 3rd week of April 2007, which is around 2 weeks' time. My research paper is accepted to be presented there. Apart from that, my thesis is also accepted for the Postgraduate Consortium so I can have my research discussed with professors and students worldwide. It will be good for me to get feedback, ideas and more opinions for my thesis completion in July-August 2007 this year.

I also got another paper accepted for CAAD Futures'07 which will be held in University of Sydney in 2nd-3rd week of July 2007. I may not go for this one as my university only provide one funding per academic year so I will most probably be only going to the Nanjing one. Unless I willingly pay myself and to cut costs. stay with my relatives in Sydney and eat instant noodles with bread everyday. I have not made up my mind yet. It will be good to attend these two international conferences because you have professors and students from the best universities in the world like Harvard and MIT to discuss with. You will definitely learn from the best brains on the planet.

I will fly to Shanghai to stay with my relatives, then go Nanjing for the conference. I will drop by Suzhou for a day trip before flying home directly to Singapore. My last trip to China was with mom to Beijing. I will be meeting some China friends this week to check out the places of interest in Shanghai, Nanjing and Suzhou to hang out and the best food to try. Hopefully, I will have a nice trip.


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