Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Yes, all of us know about the way the matches ended last weekend which opens up the race for the Spanish La Liga championship title ownership. Who will claim it? Mathematically speaking, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla and Valencia have the chances to win it.

Real and Barca stood at the top with 66 points, Sevilla have 64 points and Valencia have 62 points. I have to admit this is the most wackiest and roller-coaster ride season I have ever seen.

Real were loaded with internal problems with Beckham, Ronaldo, Cassano, Emerson, Diarra and then Capello was asked to resign many times. The club president also for his stupid comments. Cannavaro was performing way below his World Cup standard and was criticized all the way while the arrival of Higuain, Gago and Marcelo were over-rated or probably they are still too young. Barca have injury problems with Eto'o and Messi and we have Saviola who was performing well but never have the chance to shine when both of them came back from injury. Ronaldinho has a very lousy season to his own standards and the two signings from Juventus, Zambrotta and Thuram did not improve Barca's defence.

Sevilla are still capable of getting a treble with the La Liga crown, the UEFA Cup and the Spanish Cup within their reaches. They are to me the best overall performer from Spain this season. Valencia have so many injury problems this season it is incredible to see them still among the top 4 of the league. They should record down their injury lists in this season, it could be the highest in all of Europe's biggest leagues' history!

Every one of the top 4 clubs suffered this season, making the balance of the points earned so far to be really close. Who will win the La Liga crown? It is really hard to say with 4 matches left and 12 points to play. Anything can happen. Even if I am cheering Real Madrid as a fan, I still think it is too early to conclude anything. All I have to say is I am happy that the heart, the teamwork and fighting spirit is finally back after all these years.

None of the last 4 matches will be easy. They will be very tricky. Interestingly, Deportivo La Coruna, Real Zaragoza and Mallorca will be influencing most of the last matches.

Real Madrid - Recreativo Huelva (Away), Deportivo La Coruna (Home), Real Zaragoza (Away), Mallorca (Home)

Barcelona - Atletico Madrid (Away), Getafe (Home), Espanyol (Home), Gimnastic de Tarragona (Away)

Sevilla - Deportivo La Coruna (Away), Real Zaragoza (Home), Mallorca (Away), Villarreal (Home)

Valencia - Mallorca (Away), Villarreal (Home), Levante (Away), Real Sociedad (Home)

If I have a wish for Real Madrid to win the crown, it is to honour David Beckham for all his never-say-die spirit, hardwork, dedications and efforts put in for the club even at this point of time when we all know he will leave to play in the US League next season. I hope he gets an official honour for the club before he leaves from his 4 years here. Eventhough I am not a fan of David Beckham, I am not blinded by his contributions especially this season when he was left out of the starting 11 and how he reacted and never gave up. Hats off to him!


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