Thursday, May 03, 2007


Liverpool won on penalty kicks against Chelsea to go into the final. AC Milan demolished Manchester United 3-0 at home. It also proves my earlier point that Kaka is far more better than Cristino Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney, the overrrated. Now, the repeat of the clash is on! Will AC Milan look for the revenge or Liverpool will upset them one more time?

Well, when the semifinals were beginning to be played, everyone is talking about Chelsea and Manchester United being the stronger sides. Well, I decide to think otherwise because I believe in the magic of Champions League. Many discard history as it is being 'history' but those past winners just have the extra edge of the Champions League magic to win matches. It is proven again twice over when Liverpool and Milan booked the final berths. They were the few great past winners and they each have a chance to win more Champions League into their records.

I wish for a great match! I just want to enjoy the final in Athens! Hope we will have a far more spectacular one than the final two years ago!


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