Thursday, May 10, 2007


Last night I have the weirdest dream of all time! I dreamt about Wenger and Mourinho!

Into the dream, I find myself sitting beside Wenger at a stadium. Funny enough, we don't sit at the substitution bench beside the pitch. We sit at the seats closest to it at the spectators' spot. The match is between Wenger and Mourinho but I could not remember whether it was Chelsea VS. Arsenal at the field.

I was talking to him when I saw a 'not-interested' Mourinho coming over to offer tea to Wenger and left without saying a word, with a serious face. I remembered Wenger telling me that eventhough they don't like each other, Mourinho is still gentleman enough to offer tea as the host. OK, most likely the match is held at Stamford Bridge. Haha!

The match started and I remembered not long after, Mourinho's team scored. Then Wenger walked towards the pitch from the seat beside me and shouted some advice to his team beside the pitch. Then I woke up from my dream!

In another news, I heard Real Madrid may had signed Christoph Metzelder from Borussia Dortmund. If it is true, what will happen to Jonathan Woodgate? I would love Woodgate to be back.


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