Thursday, November 15, 2007


As a fan of Jerry Seinfeld, it is a crime not to watch this movie. It is extremely uneasy to portray him as a bee. It talks and behaves like him too. It is just so weird to me. I was abit worried how the movie will turn out to be since Seinfeld is about jokes only. As well as the jokes he made are for adults and how do you entertain kids as well in this movie? Since animated movies focus on storyline and nice renderings, I thought it will not fit. Surprisingly, both compliment each other pretty well although I may say that too much focus is put into dialogues. Kids would prefer more action and simple dialogues. Seinfeld, like in his sitcoms and stand-up comedy, observed human behaviour and habit in this movie too, the weird and wrong ones. Apart from him, there is Renée Zellweger as the lead actress, Chris Rock is the mosquito, Larry King is the Bee Larry King, Sting is Sting and Oprah Winfrey is a judge.

The movie runs your imagination wild by showing off the advanced civilization of bees in the hive. It was well created and I love it. The yellow and black colours with most things yellow turned out to be fine. The jokes used in the movie are not too complicated so I guess it will attract most audience but perhaps a little too much for young kids. I guess they will only appreciate the nice renderings and the cute side of the characters.

The view perspective from the bee's angle is also done quite well. We are taken into their flight scenes and how they move around with all the huge objects and humans in the world. I feel that it was done really well since I can put myself well in their shoes. Speaking of shoes, they do wear nice looking shoes. Hehe! I like the part when Seinfeld was looking through his wardrobe for something to wear as he said to himself, yellow and black, yellow and black, yellow and black and suddenly, ah ha, black and yellow!

The graphics were fine, although not the most impressive I ever seen but acceptable. The way they render hair and fur is well done. Since we go into the detail of a bee, whatever that don't require so much detail becomes critical. One of the examples is the texture of the fabric of the pillow case. Seinfield also made some wild scenes like the bee going to court to fight against humans in the court where they accuse them of stealing their hard-earned honey as well as how they helped plane in an emergency landing. I thought this movie is good enough for the movies but not the best out there. If animated films is not good enough for you to go to the cinema, buying the DVD is just fine too. Watch it just to relax yourself.

Bee Movie


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