Thursday, November 22, 2007


It is extremely disappointing that after Russian's defeat that they are still unable to qualify. They just need a draw and they still could not achieve it.

Actually, they don't have any reliable strikers and they are always an over-rated team.

I hope they will improve to qualify for the World Cup. McClaren was sacked as a result. Bookmakers' favourite is to have Jose Mourinho succeeding as new coach. Fabio Capello also showed his interest.

"There are too many foreign players and the players are used to another way of playing,' he said of England while commentating on Italy's 3-1 win over Faroe Islands on Wednesday."

Don't blame Arsene Wenger for not enough talent in the EPL, it requires a collective effort by every club. Arsenal are the victims of the accusation because they have the least English players among the top clubs. I do believe in having a quota of let's say 3 English players at least to protect the future of potential young stars. There is a need of balance because in other leagues, such problems don't exist.


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