Monday, November 05, 2007


The people remarked to me before I decided to watch this movie that it has a very touching story. Well, I just have two comments for this whole movie after watching it. Fake robotic acting skills and predictable storyline. I can't get 75% of what Jay Chou is talking, murmuring throughout the storyline with his expressionless face and expressionless voice. The only thing which saved the movie are the visual effects. I thought they were well done. The lead actress looks like my Shi Jie! Apart from that, an average movie for me.

The worst ever movie I ever watched in my life! Watch it to purposely kill yourself out of boredom! I almost did until I realized that it is not worth it! Haha! Don't be cheated that it is supposed to be a horror movie. It is a big joke. I think even I can direct and produce a better movie without any acting background.

It comes first as the worst movie I ever watched in my life, followed closely by a Korean horror movie I watched some years back during Chinese New Year with a lot of bathtub scenes and followed by the Bridge to Terabithia.

881 is the title given to the movie referring to the same pronounciation of Papaya in English. Basically, this is a movie about the Papaya Sisters which consist of Small Papaya and Big Papaya. They teamed up to perform at the getai (song stage) during the Hungry Ghost Festival singing Hokkien songs. Well, there are many Hokkien jokes and conversations here so you can appreciate the story better if you understand Hokkien well.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie coming from someone whose Hokkien is just at the basic level. However, it is not the type of movie I felt that you must catch or you will regret your entire life. It is good to go for a laugh.

Brothers is a story about two brothers who are destined to kill each other to take over the father's business when they grew up. It is something predicted by the monk which forced the father to separate the children at a young age. Well, the story is about getting even with one another, revenge and fights in the gangs. Andy Lau and Ka Tung Lam played the roles of irritating cops who always spoil the day for the gangs, thus bringing with them some elements of humour to the storyline.

I will rate this movie as average. The bigger names are given less role time as if this movie is purposely made to give opportunities to the younger and less famous actors. Well, it is still much much better than Bu Neng Shuo De Mi Mi and Naraka 19 hundred times over. You will also get to see the pretty Yi Huang (Betty Huang) starring as the girlfriend of the elder brother, played by Kiu Wai Miu. The younger brother is played by Eason Chan and the father is played by Zhiwen Wang.


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