Friday, January 11, 2008


The player who change more clubs than you change your underwears is again making the move. Nicolas Anelka is a step further in fulfilling my prediction of playing for at least 11 clubs before he retires. He is already at the 8th club with Chelsea. He just need 3 more clubs to play with before he retires. Like I always said, imagine during his testimonial retirement match, he wears one of the 11 clubs he played before and you have 10 other players representing all the other clubs he played with before. It will be the coolest testimonial ever in football history. 11 different club jerseys playing for the same team! I have this wild idea that one of Anelka's mission in his football career is to collect jerseys and play for 11 clubs before he retires. Of course, his hot temper is helping him to achieve this goal much realistically.

His list of clubs played so far includes:
1. Paris Saint-Germain
2. Arsenal
3. Real Madrid
4. Liverpool
5. Manchester City
6. Fenerbah├že
7. Bolton Wanderers
8. Chelsea

With Drogba and Kalou busy with the African Cup of Nations and Shevchenko injured, Anelka will be a good addition. Apart from these 3 strikers, Chelsea also have Sahar, Sinclair and Pizarro.


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