Sunday, January 13, 2008


My Austrian friend, Daniel and Taiwanese friend, Nash, recommends me to explore Poser for its famous abilities in character animation and figure design. I must say it takes figure 3D modeling to such great details, I am sure those who specialize in it must be good! I am impressed with what it can do when I got my hands on to try Poser 7. This is the latest software I had been playing about while I wait for the shipment of 3dMax2008 to arrive. It is definitely a cool software and I will surely recommend it for people who are damn serious about character animation and modeling. You can model a sexy hot babe!

Much later, my German friend, Friedrich, recommends me to check out Relux after I had a talk with him the other day regarding accurate lighting simulation software. I am sick of the usage of Lightscape since it is such an ancient software and I was sharing with him that there must be some software out there today which is doing the job that is similar but yet more convenient, faster and more powerful. He later showed off the capabilities of the software on his laptop. It looks quite good to me but I am still curious how good it is to calculate extremely wild organic objects as well as wild organic lightings in architecture space. Well, definitely will want to explore it to see life after Lightscape.




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