Monday, March 24, 2008


Manchester United 3-0 Liverpool
Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal
Tottenham 2-0 Portsmouth
Everton 1-1 West Ham

Inter Milan 1-2 Juventus
Roma 2-1 Empoli
Fiorentina 1-0 Lazio
Torino 0-1 AC Milan
Udinese 2-0 Livorno

Sevilla FC 1-2 Atletico Madrid
Barcelona 4-1 Valladolid
Levante 1-2 Villarreal
Real Madrid 2-3 Valencia
Racing Santander 2-0 Recreativo Huelva

English Premier League (31/38 matches)
1. Man Utd 73 points
2. Chelsea 68 points
3. Arsenal 67 points
4. Liverpool 59 points
5. Everton 57 points
6. Portsmouth 50 points

Italian Serie A (30/38 matches)
1. Inter Milan 68 points
2. Roma 64 points
3. Juventus 58 points
4. Fiorentina 53 points
5. AC Milan 49 points
6. Udinese 47 points

Spanish La Liga (29/38 matches)
1. Real Madrid 62 points
2. Barcelona 58 points
3. Villarreal 56 points
4. Atletico Madrid 50 points
5. Racing Santander 47 points
6. Sevilla FC 45 points

It is good to have a look at all three leagues up to now for the season thus far.

In the English Premier League, Arsenal's lead at the top is further destroyed after the weekend. There is no stopping Manchester United and Cristino Ronaldo. The amount of goals he scored are really crazy! Somebody stop him from getting the golden boot! It will be a great shame to all strikers in the English Premier League. Now, even Chelsea are going further up the table. Liverpool's lost means they should basically concentrate at finishing fourth and focus more on the Champions League. As for Arsenal, I really don't know whether they should focus on both the league and the Champions League. For me, it is hard to say up to now. They do have lots of talents and I agreed their youth system had paid off for what they achieved so far. Whether they will lift a trophy this season is really hard to say now.

For the Italian Serie A, Inter Milan just lost to Juventus and opened up more chances for Roma to battle it out with them. After their exit from the Champions League, Inter Milan lost their stability and consistency in the Serie A. They were invincible and unbeatable before that. While AC Milan are slowly climbing up the table and could go easily finish at least fourth or higher.

As for Real Madrid, they have been finding it hard to win lately. Schuster may win nothing at all this season if the trend continues. Their invincible, confident home record is badly shattered now. I am secretly celebrating here because I am still unhappy to this day about Capello's exit. To be fair to Schuster, he is having a hard time with the injury problems. Well, Barcelona have the rising star Krkic to turn to now that Messi is still injured and the likes of Ronaldinho and Henry off form. He has been delivering the goods lately.

Well, all three leagues are having very close battles right till now. It will be interesting to see who end up champions for all of them. As it looks now, Manchester United, Roma and Barcelona look like favourites from my opinion.


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