Friday, April 04, 2008


Flying to Vienna or not, I found out that Emirates have the best arrangements for people like me who can only make a decision to pay for the flight at the very last minute (1 day before the flight). I tried booking with local travel agents first. They don't allow you to hold your booking till just 1-2 days before your flight. I need to buy directly now that it is just less than 6 days before my flight. Therefore, I gave up and tried to check the airlines online websites.

First, naturally I checked Singapore Airlines but the routes were crazy, complicated and prices are almost 8 times more expensive! Later, I tried KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (despite the stupid call to boycott Dutch products / services) and Air France. They were about S$1000 more expensive but with the fastest routes ever. Next, I tried Qatar Airways. They have good prices and nice routes to reach Vienna but they don't fly everyday and do not fly on the day I intended.

Finally, I tried my luck with Emirates and I was happy that they fly everyday with equally fast routes as well. Among all of them, only Emirates allow you to book your ticket and purchase at a local office in Singapore at least 20 hours before my flight. Incredible! That's how last minute you can hold your booking. The rest forces you to purchase directly online and there are no other ways to it. Therefore, Emirates gave me a really good first impression and now I understand with just trying out their booking system that they deserved all those awards they received. They solved all my frustrations and difficulties with ease. I will be honoured if given a chance to fly in their planes in the future.


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