Wednesday, April 16, 2008


With the graduation ceremony of me and my bro this coming July as well as a big possibility of my marriage ceremony end of this year, it is time to seriously think about investing in a DSLR. I have been delaying in the purchase for a long time. Blame it on the market for keep releasing new, better, more powerful models all the time. It is time to jump on the DSLR bandwagon now since normal digital cameras can no longer satisfy me as well as always envying the quality of photos that can be generated from the DSLR cameras.

One big decision I need to make is between D300 and D80. D80 is alot cheaper so definitely no issue but the question is really whether I will spend more to acquire the D300. Well, between them, D300 VS. D80 in comparison, I will have 2.1 million pixels more, ISO 200-3,200 VS. ISO 100-1,600, 1/8,000 VS. 1/4,000 maximum shutter, uncompressed VS. compressed RAW, 3 inch VS. 2.5 inch LCD monitor, LCD Live View mode VS. none, supporting GPS VS. not (this may not be crucial for normal photographers but since it is related to my current research, it will give me some advantage in my real work test) and 825g VS. 585g (without battery, memory card, body cap or monitor cover).

The current cheapest prices as of today that I know of in Singapore are:
D300 body only - S$2,450 (USD1,805.48 or EUR1,143.44)
D80 body only - S$1,188 (USD875.515 or EUR554.453)
D80 kit - S$1,498 (USD1,103.98 or EUR699.142)

AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor 18-135mm -S$460 (USD339.008 or EUR214.69)
AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor 18-200mm -S$1,060 (USD781.192 or EUR494.721)
Speedlight SB-800 -S$570 (Grey) (USD420.065 or EUR226.015), S$619.50 (USD619.5 or EUR289.091)
Speedlight SB-600 - S$345 (USD254.226 or EUR160.995)

The prices in JB are all more expensive, at least from my observations around the more prominent camera shops here. I will check with friends in KL too to compare. I will see how far the price will drop come The Great Singapore Sale (23 May - 20 July 2008).

I will see how it goes. It will seriously make a giant big hole in my pocket. I think it is time I do extra freelance work to earn extra income to be able to afford them fast. Hehe! I am also saving for marriage too. Eat grasslah from now onwards and cut down on my weight!


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